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Navigating the Different Phases of Cannabis Intoxication: A Guide to Being High

As many would attest, getting high is a lot of fun. But being high is a complex state that is influenced by both external and internal variables, some of which are beyond our control. Nonetheless, there are a few fairly universal effects of being high, and the trajectory of many highs is often similar. 

Researchers have found that cannabis has a number of therapeutic effects and may be able to treat a wide range of illnesses, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, ADHD, migraines, and more. Obtaining a medical marijuana card is an essential step if you want to use cannabis to treat any health conditions you may have. Having a medical card protects you from legal repercussions and gives you access to cannabis that is permitted in your state. 

Let’s explore this a bit more!

What Type of Cannabis High Do You Experience?

Everybody seems to get a little “high” off of marijuana in a different way. A lot of that depends on the kind of marijuana and how it is consumed. You might experience a slight buzz if you smoke a joint that contains both tobacco and a nice, mild sativa. You might, however, spend the rest of the day attempting to escape your couch-lock if you are consuming an Indian landrace Indica known as “Demon of Scorch” on your dab rig and going bonkers.

Each group of friends who are stoners also has its own “types”. There are those who become quiet and reclusive, those who laugh uncontrollably, and those who you can never even tell are high.

Your experience of a high will also vary depending on how it is ingested. Since smoking is probably the most popular delivery method, that is what we will be concentrating on in this article.

The 10 Phases of Cannabis Intoxication

It is still possible to provide a general overview of the stages of being high in spite of these variables. Consider it similar to riding a train. Even though you might not visit every station along the route, they are all present. At the end of the line, you might wake up hours later with a dry mouth and no idea what went wrong. It’s all a part of the journey.

Let’s examine the ten phases that a typical trip into the cannabis Intoxication (cosmos) will entail.

Stage 1: Anticipation

Anticipating the future is the first stage of high. Even though you haven’t smoked your marijuana yet, you know it smells really strong and have an idea of how it should feel. “Did I pack that joint a little too much?” you ask yourself. Alternatively, and maybe more likely, you’re already making plans for the next one!

Stage 2: Savor the Flavor

Your weed’s smell and feel add to the whole experience. When you light up, the flavors and fragrances of the cannabis wash over your tongue in waves of flavor. After gently nose diving down into your lungs, the smoke laps up into your nasal cavity. You begin to unwind at this point, even before the effects of the marijuana take hold.

Stage 3: The Moment of Clarity

You are about to go through more turns and turns on this journey, which has already begun. There will come a moment when the haze part and you experience those first distinct tingles. As soon as those comfortable and familiar feelings appear, you’ll feel content and maybe even relieved. This is where there is no turning back. The blood–brain barrier has been crossed by THC, and the only direction left is up!

Stage 4: Energy, Focus, and Awareness

It’s common to feel euphoric as soon as the high takes hold of you. That happiness could stem from the actual physical experience or from looking forward to what lies ahead. The world will seem brighter and more vibrant than it did five minutes ago.

Your mind may be racing with ideas and questions, and you may feel compelled to tell your friends everything you’ve learned and observed. Or, as the weight of the natural world disappears from your shoulders, you might start laughing and find everything amusing. It’s possible that you will “zone out” or need to remind yourself to look away. Things like music, TV, and other people will all of a sudden become much more enjoyable.

Stage 5: Chill Time

For many, one of the best parts of the stage. You don’t feel paranoid and are at ease, allowing your thoughts to flow freely. You can curl up on the couch with a blanket and lose yourself in a movie. You have everything you need right then and feel content whether you fall asleep or binge-watch an entire series.

This is also the best time to get the munchies; everything will taste so good right now. As you pile pancakes and potato chips onto a bed of peanut butter, you’ll wonder why your culinary prowess hasn’t yet earned you international recognition.

Stage 6: The Reckoning

The full effects of THC are being felt by your body, and you might feel tense. If you’re new to cannabis or have a low tolerance, this could come on quickly and leave you feeling anxious, confused, or paranoid. If so, try telling yourself that the emotion will pass quickly.

You are definitely stoned right now, in the center of the storm. Take whatever necessary action to maintain your comfort level and weather the storm. Perhaps try sleeping if you can manage that. Food is also a wonderful source of comfort. Indulge in some sweet treats to maintain your energy and serve as a diversion.

Stage 7: Reaching the Peak

After you experience the height of your high, your body’s THC levels will gradually begin to decrease, allowing you to savor the profound and contemplative emotions it evokes. You will experience the distinct characteristics of each strain at work when you’re trying to be creative or accomplish some household tasks. As you concentrate on your thoughts or the task at hand, the focus can make you quite quiet, introverted, or contemplative.

Stage 8: Sharing

You gradually reintegrate into the outside world. You might feel a yearning to get back in touch with friends so you can reflect and discuss your ideas. One of the most important aspects of connecting with people who share your interests is this. Together, you “get” each other as a crew. Everybody is speaking the same language.

By now, the THC is leaving your body and is being replaced by a sense of unease. This is usually when someone suggests hitting up another joint, especially if you’re dissecting your feelings and looking for a new high in a group setting.

Stage 9: Decompression

When the worst of the emotions start to fade, things can become a little confusing. It’s an indisputable moment that makes it clear that the end of your journey is in sight. Even though it has only been a little over an hour since your first hit, you might already be fatigued or thirsty. The best case scenario is for your high to wear off gradually, leaving you alert and slightly dizzy but not delusional. Try to get some rest if you have a more discomfiting and lightheaded “come-down” when you feel exhausted.

Stage 10: Reset, Repeat

The phases of a high don’t always occur in the same sequence. Waves of hunger, introspection, and laughter might come and go at different times. You will recognize the feelings, but you might not recognize the order. Numerous factors come into play here, including your mood, the setting, how you’re ingesting the food, who you’re with, and more.

Prepare yourself for these repeating cycles and follow the flow. For many, of course, lighting up again is the best way to accomplish just that!